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Starseed Soul possesses a profound connection to the realm of music that has been a part of her life since her earliest years. She commenced her musical journey at the tender age of four by mastering the piano, a skill that has remained with her throughout her life. Her passion for bass music can be traced back to her formative years, significantly influenced by the Bristol sound system culture. Her father's unwavering dedication to music encompassed a diverse array of genres, with a particular emphasis on Dub and Reggae. A vivid recollection from her childhood involves being woken up during the night, as her bed reverberated from the resonant bass emanating from the room below.


In addition to her musical pursuits, Starseed Soul has also distinguished herself as a Reiki Master and Shamanic Life Coach. The wisdom inherent in these holistic disciplines infuses her musical creations, where she meticulously tunes her compositions to the resonant frequency of 432 Hz, known as the Earth's natural frequency. This harmonic tuning is believed to foster healing at a cellular-level, for those who engage with her music, aligning them with the soothing vibrations of nature. More recently, she has integrated Light Language, the healing language of the soul, into her musical works.


Her cultural heritage, with a Spanish grandmother and a backdrop of Latin music, has exerted a profound influence on her musical sensibilities. Learning to flamenco dance at a young age, she developed an affinity for the polyrhythms engendered by the rhythmic clapping and footwork, thus nurturing her love for broken beats. Today, she finds her artistic preference gravitating towards the bass-heavy sounds of Drum and Bass.


The lockdowns of 2019 offered Starseed Soul a newfound avenue for artistic expression. She discovered the capability to connect her piano to her computer, initiating the recording of classical piano compositions. This venture eventually evolved into a synthesis of electronic and cinematic elements, which is prominently showcased in her inaugural album release "New Earth".


Her creative journey further expanded when she joined forces with Elumin in a collaborative effort, yielding the release of "Ready to Begin." This album is distinguished by its mind-expanding and evocative lyrics, which serve as a testament to her versatility as an artist.


In her third release, Starseed Soul partnered with Emma Gatsby Vs The World, crafting thought-provoking lyrics that explore themes of self-love and challenge prevailing social conditioning, while questioning the narratives presented by the media.


At its core, Starseed Soul's musical endeavors are underpinned by a profound intention—to effect change and healing in the lives of people across the world. She strives to rekindle the timeless wisdom hidden in the depths of history, fostering harmony through music that moves both the spirit and the body.

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