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Elevate your festival experience with Starseed Soul. With an eclectic mix of musical genres and an intuitive understanding of crowd energy, Starseed Soul brings an unparalleled fusion of beats to the festival scene. From sunrise sets that make your heart soar to late-night grooves that keep the party alive, Starseed Soul crafts unforgettable moments that resonate with festival-goers. Join us in creating an atmosphere of pure energy, connection, and celebration at your next festival. Let Starseed Soul set the stage for an epic journey through sound!

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Starseed Soul - Conscious Mix Oct 2021

Starseed Soul - Deep Dub Mix July 21

Starseed Soul - Journey 2the1 Festival Mix 2022

Starseed Soul - Liquid D&B Mix @ Ecstatic Dub March 2022

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